I am NOT a poet

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Macintosh Consulting since 1984

A few years ago I took my life’s savings of $40,000 to trade books-for-poem and make more poets, but that artistic mission left me in the poor house. So now I need to do some work.

Since 1984 I have worked as a Mac [& even PC] consultant. For 28 years I have helped individual users ( as well as networks of 300) work better. I even fixed Quentin Tarantino’s mail server and loaned Peter Gallagher my laptop. This gratuitous name dropping comes at no extra charge.

So, please email me at zork@mac-tune-up.com or call at 646 - 714 - 2466 and I will come and install, network, troubleshoot and fix your network of 1-100 computers.
You will have happier computers, and there will be one less starving poet.

Please ALSO feel free to support the arts and buy one of my books too: “I am NOT a poet” & “Things to do with beer bottles.”

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